Why Huma WhiteBox?

  • As business users, do you struggle to get the right information when you need it?
  • Can you analyse client data across multiple asset classes in a single view?
  • Are you confident about your capability to monitor and control operational risk?
  • Are you able to provide consolidated reporting from multiple disparate systems to regulators and senior management?
  • Is there a need to add new data sources quickly and have them embedded in existing reports?
  • Can you quickly model new scenarios to cope with sudden changes to market conditions?
  • Can you respond quickly to many disparate questions from regulators and management?


Our clients tell us that Huma WhiteBox is the solution of choice not just for our functionality but because of our deployment model.

We are told that Huma WhiteBox is:

  • Clever – With a graphical based rules engine that allows business analysts to create and maintain solutions; this allows for efficient deployment of the finite resources in both IT and the business
  • Flexible – Clients can meet their immediate tactical needs while staying in line with a more long term strategic direction; and this is done in a very cost effective manner that allows for an immediate ROI
  • Pragmatic – Huma WhiteBox recognises the fact that data will not initially be perfect or complete and helps to ensure that this is addressed over time but does not stand in the way of immediate reporting solutions; solutions can be implemented in months… not years