Wholesale Banking

Wholesale Banking firms are challenged to meet today’s requirements to perform reporting across multiple business silos. The challenges are very similar to Capital Market firms.

We have assisted our clients in solving for these business challenges. Some of the specific areas include Financial & Management Reporting and Balance Sheet Substantiation

We have an ‘out of the box’ fully packaged solution for Misys FusionBanking Midas (or previous versions – Midas or MidasPlus.)

  • Rapid Implementation: see your data in days – fully installed in 2 weeks
  • Our FusionBanking Midas Connector software:
    • Reads all required data directly from FusionBanking Midas files
    • Transforms (dates, amounts, codes etc.) and loads into the Repository
    • Handles different versions of FusionBanking Midas, Midas Plus or Midas
    • Typically runs after Close of Business, loading a daily snapshot of the business, so creating a complete history over time
  • Data can be loaded intra-day if required
  • Web-based WhiteBox Applications provide full analysis of Fusion Banking data, ready for immediate use, but can easily be customised. These include Financial reports, Balance Sheet and P&L.
  • Additional connectors can quickly be created for other data sources as required or users can import simple data

Upgrading to FusionBanking Midas from previous Midas versions?

  • WhiteBox can help considerably with reconciliation when helping automate this repetitive tasks and saving much time, and consultant costs
  • If you install WhiteBox, it is very easy to switch source systems should you later wish to upgrade. The only work to move live is a day’s task to change the connector. Users will not be affected in any way and will continue using the solution as usual.