Solved by Huma WhiteBox

Huma WhiteBox provides an end to end solution for capturing data, enriching data, creating business intelligence views and publishing results to users as required.

Retrieving, analyzing and reporting data at a granular level from internal and external systems has proven to be extraordinarily challenging for financial institutions:

  • Systems are large, complex and lack flexibility
  • Solved:  Huma WhiteBox captures data from any source in almost any format e.g. connecting directly to source system databases or simple Excel and .csv files

Legacy applications do not support the reporting required in today’s environment

  • Need to consolidate and analyse granular data across many systems and organisational silos
  • Solved:  Huma WhiteBox conforms and consolidates granular data across many systems

Need to provide reporting over time, so compounding the challenge

  • Poor and/or aggregated data means BI tools alone, cannot be effective in meeting the business needs
  • Solved:  Huma WhiteBox captures and maintains granular data over client defined time periods. So poor and/or aggregated data issues can be easily uncovered and resolved

Data quality is often poor and inconsistent, leading to operational and reporting challenges

  • “One version of the truth” is difficult to create and enforce due to (1) different naming conventions, (2) differing/multiple views of reference data and  (3) independent extractions of data from multiple source systems
  • New regulations mean financial institutions need to provide timely and consistent reporting across organizational silos
  • Solved:  Huma WhiteBox delivers a business defined repository of data that is conformed across multiple data sources, secured and auditable – all business users can confidently create reporting off of a single version of the truth

All these issues make detailed analysis, business modelling and reporting very difficult for business users – Huma WhiteBox can solve your problems.