The need for quality data

The demand for quality data in financial institutions has never been higher. Data governance is key. Data must be:


  • Information systems must provide consistent, complete, and correct information to senior management and regulators (“One Version of the Truth”)
  • Information must be timely and comprehensive – to meet the specific demands of each business, function and external organisation


  • Information systems must ensure the information passed is authentic by enforcing the firm’s security, data management, audit and other relevant policies
  • Information must be transparent with full data lineage. This encourages visibility and understanding of underlying data, leading to improved data quality


  • Information systems must make available to business users all the information they require on demand – often driven by regulators
  • Business functions must be able to apply their necessary business logic to the information using intuitive, powerful software tools
  • Business functions must be given the capability to create sophisticated new data driven applications in days and modify existing ones in hours

Huma WhiteBox ensures all these needs are met.