Asset Management

The data issues facing Asset Managers are similar to others in the Financial Services industry where they are required to bring together data from disparate sources to be reported on from a consolidated perspective.

The challenges look like this:


We have assisted our clients in solving for these business challenges and some of the specific areas include:

  • Assets Under Management – reporting and analysis i.e. Sales, Fund Movements, Client Movements, Variances
  • Portfolio – reporting and analysis i.e. Fact Sheets
  • Customer, Product and Dealer – reference data quality and profitability analysis
  • Instrument Ratings – blend from traditional agencies & maintain process for non-rated assets
  • Pricing – maintain unique identifiers for non-ISIN, restricted publication securities

We assisted one of our clients who was experiencing issues in generating accurate and timely reporting due to manual processes that were in place.  As an example, we were able to take the NAV reporting process from a multiple day effort with questionable results, to the generation of trusted reporting in minutes!

AM Case Study