Huma WhiteBox supports solutions for Asset Management, Capital Markets and Wholesale Banking.

All have the following components:

WhiteBox Connectors

  • Extract data from any source
  • Transform data into standard data model
  • Run intra-day or after close of business

WhiteBox Repository

  • Comprehensive, dimensionally-modelled data
  • Holds reference, transactional and account data (Front/Middle/Back offices and Financial)
  • Enforces “one version of the truth”

WhiteBox Rapport

  • Business users select, enrich and prepare data with reusable business logic. No SQL required.
  • Generates exactly the output required
  • Fully controlled, secure and auditable

WhiteBox QV*

  • Model, discover, analyse, dashboard, report
  • Securely distribute anywhere – internal and external – in all common formats
  • Supports mobile computing (BYOD)

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