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We are an OEM partner of Qlik ( ) and embed Qlik products as key components of the WhiteBox Solution.

QlikView, QlikSense, NPrinting

  • Offer an unparalleled environment for business modelling and discovery, what-if analysis and dashboarding
  • Directly connects end-users with their data
  • Designed for easy customisation and re-use
  • A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant of BI software
  • Highest rating for ease of use by customers choosing similar software
  • Using data prepared by WhiteBox, it delivers sophisticated applications and reporting without coding
  • Allows any analysis and reports to be automatically distributed via email in any of the common formats (PDF, Word, Excel, Pixel-perfect etc.)

This is a key benefit of using Qlik products with WhiteBox i.e. WhiteBox prepares all the data so almost no scripting is required in QlikView. This significantly reduces the time to create an application and is very easy for business users to maintain. No QlikView scripting skills are required.

Try it yourself – download QlikView for free – just click here