Capital Markets Reference Data

Reference Data continues to be a challenge for Capital Markets firms.  While there are efforts underway within the industry to create utilities for Instruments and Legal Entities, until all of a firms counterparties, central depositories or outsource partners are operating on the same utility, there will be differences that will cause inefficiencies and errors in both processing and reporting.  This issue is now in the forefront with regulatory bodies as evidenced by regulations such as BCBS 239.

Reference Data is a key data source for any of the reporting solutions that Huma WhiteBox has delivered to date.   As a result, we have delivered dashboards for reference data where insight can be gleaned by drilling down into the underlying detail.  Below is an example of a Customer Analysis dashboard where summaries can be seen by state, country, region and relationship manager.

Customer Analysis

We have also created views of the same Customer Analysis data that can be filtered by making selections on source system, customer and location.  A great tool for identifying data quality issues and performing research on account attributes.

CM Customer Analysis