About Us

Why We Started Huma

A common business experience was, and still is, the problem of getting at and using data, in particular from multiple systems, to solve the many business problems of large financial institutions.

System vendors are usually more interested in selling function rather than allowing easy access to their data and certainly have little interest in providing consolidated views with data from other systems.

Financial institutions often try to create their own data warehouse or information layer, but these are often very costly projects, take a long time and many fail.

So we saw a major need for a solution to gather data from the many different systems in financial organisations, and allow users to work directly with the data without having technical knowledge.

In 2008, we formed Huma to create such a solution.

Huma has the skills and experience to deliver a comprehensive solution to financial institutions.

We started by creating a banking data model for wholesale / investment banks, then added Connectors to retrieve data from systems and load into the model.  Most of this work was done at and with clients, so is based on practical experience, not just theoretical knowledge.

Finally, we created software to allow users to work directly with the data within the model, without using SQL or coding, and provide the ability to add their own business logic to create exactly the output they require – all these components are Huma WhiteBox.